10 Wrestlers Triple H Will NOT Sign For WWE

These stars will not be playing The Game any time soon...

Konosuke Takeshita WWE

The second Triple H was handed the keys to the creative kingdom last month, fans wasted little time fantasy booking precisely which one-time NXT darlings and hot free agents The Game would go about unleashing on his newly inherited main roster.

And sure enough, the one-time black and gold leader has almost made it his mission to unleash a surprising return or debut on just about every main roster show he's found himself watching over in the time since his July 25 anointing - with the likes of IYO SKY, Dakota Kai, Dexter Lumis, Hit Row, and Karrion Kross & Scarlett all making their presence known in recent weeks.

But despite Trips seemingly being all too happy to hand out Raw and SmackDown opportunities as of late, that's not to say that absolutely every shockingly released WWE talent or undeniably outstanding worker is guaranteed a spot in The Cerebral Assassin's new world - or even wants to do business with the biggest wrestling company on the planet.

From one-time World Champions to charismatic duos that once had the world at their feet, don't expect these particular wrestlers to wander through WWE's doors any time soon.

10. Will Ospreay

Konosuke Takeshita WWE

For the longest time, it felt as though British wrestling wizard Will Ospreay had next to no interest in ever performing on mainstream American television, with The Aerial Assassin seemingly being quite happy to forge his legacy in Japan and regularly shooting down the chance to sign for one of the high-profile promotions in the West.

And despite going on record to note how he would "absolutely not" sign for AEW due to his love of Japan a few years back, the opening of a certain Forbidden Door has at least given the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion the chance to show All Elite audiences what he's all about.

It's pretty doubtful WWE would ever find themselves striking up a similar partnership with Ospreay's parent company in modern times. So, couple that with the loud-mouth five-star-rating machine stating "I don't want to work for WWE, it's not for me," around the time he expressed his lack of desire to become fully All Elite, and the chances of big Will hooking up with Hunter when his current NJPW deal runs out in a couple of years time look slim at best.

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