10 Wrestlers Who Left You Hanging On Every Word

A little list of the bubbly.

Chris Jericho

This is the ability that separates the great - and the crazy - from the good.

Triple H was a good promo man. Witty and authoritative - he really could convince fans that he was the 'Game' - he nonetheless had a tendency to drone on by making the same point every other sentence. You see, he liked to say "You see" a lot, to explain something he had already explained. Much like his laborious silent epics, Triple H was always one for overstatement.

"I'm going to bury CM Punk for having a big and soft ass. You see, his ass is so soft that he doesn't look enough like a bodybuilder. You see, his ass is too soft and too big to get over in WWE, because in WWE, hardened, aerobicised asses that look like they belong to a bodybuilder are best for business-uh."

That sort of thing.

Stephanie McMahon suffers the same problem. Her delivery is impeccable - godd*mn is she good at putting herself over as unbearable - but, condensed, she didn't really say anything but "Mick Foley/Kurt Angle/Seth Rollins/Daniel Bryan you are a worthless piece of sh*t, get out of my ring!"

Between them, they have probably gobbled up around 1,560 hours of Monday Night RAW. This might account for that programme's steep decline in ratings.


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