10 Wrestlers Who Refused To Change Their Bodies

These stars weren't in any mood to change their anatomy for anyone!

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Like many other forms of global entertainment, it's impossible to get around the fact that the world of professional wrestling is very much a physical industry.

This, of course, is evidenced in the very literal throwing around of bodies inside of a squared-circle, but it also applies to the overall image of the stars being showcased on weekly television or within independent arenas around the globe.

Despite the fact that flicking your screens on to see a whole host of chiselled, heavily tanned, specimens would likely lead to most fans immediately tuning back out due to sheer boredom, that still hasn't stopped many a promotion trying their damnedest to steal away whatever slivers of originality could be found in various performer's distinct bodies over the years; all in the name of giving them the tools to be a star, pal!

From out of this world in-ring masters being told to trim the fat to get over, to already larger than life sensations being forced to consider a future without their trademark luscious locks, this multitude of stellar superstars thankfully all found the guts to tell management precisely where to go.

10. Bronson Reed Won't Cover Up His Tattoo

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Despite being put through his paces in a number of main roster dark matches earlier this year, former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed still shockingly found himself on the chopping block on August 8 on the back of another bout of unexpected WWE culling.

But with many clueless as to why Vince McMahon and his yes men couldn't see any value in a star boasting the size and natural charisma of the titanic Australian, Reed has now revealed a certain demand he wasn't willing to accept that could've played a part in WWE getting cold feet on the developmental sensation.

As Reed (a.k.a. Jonah Rock) revealed on his podcast/YouTube show, JONAHDROME, John Laurinaitis had hinted at the star needing to cover up a tattoo on his person dedicated to his wife, Paige. The star seemed to think this had something to do with fans potentially being confused as to whether said ink was referring to former WWE talent Paige.

But as Reed put it himself, needing to hide away this tattoo at all is "pretty silly". So, it's safe to assume he wasn't willing to play ball on this particular WWE problem.

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