10 Wrestling Easter Eggs You Totally Didn't Notice

Secret wrestling moments you didn't notice - Kane, Chris Jericho, & AEW's Easter Bunny Kenny Omega!


Wrestling tends not to hide subtle messaging within its folds because it is generally as unsubtle as the carnival bark from which it originated.

Just listen to Vince McMahon scream over the opening promo package to those early Royal Rumbles, or WrestleMania VI. He is a man himself, ranting in that iconic hammy rasp about "examining the universe" to reveal "images" of "strange and powerful forces". The two most powerful forces in the universe were Hulk Hogan the Ultimate Warrior. These were not easter eggs burrowed away for diehard nerds to find. These colossal muscle-heads were motherf*cking constellations, and you were convinced to watch them by a lunatic audibly grabbing you by the scruff of your pencil-neck.

Besides which, the way in which pro wrestling is produced doesn't really lend itself to such loving, careful detail either; the episodic weekly model is closer to soap opera than prestige television or world-building cinematic universes. If there isn't enough reason, there's not a great deal of time, either.

But whether an opportunistic prank artist fancies planting a stealth pop in a documentary, or a new breed of storyteller modifies the very form, if you squint - literally, in one case - your experience will be enriched...

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