10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Jan 18)

Find out why Eric Bischoff was frosty on bringing The Undertaker to WCW...

Charlotte Flair

She struts, she locks on a variation of the Figure-Four Leg Lock (the Figure-Eight) and she's prone to a 'Woo' every time she wrestles. Yep, Charlotte Flair is a walking, talking female update on her father Ric's successful formula, but it wasn't always that way.

There was a time when Charlotte was told never to do any of those things, and you'll find out all about that in this week's article. Of course, the usual range of wrestling-related facts we didn't know last week are here too, and they focus on a cast as varied as 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams, Torrie Wilson and The Undertaker.

Find out what unintentionally tragic gimmick Vince McMahon wanted to give the battle-hardened Williams, what recent pitch Torrie made to WWE management and why Eric Bischoff might have struggled to find a place for 'Taker on the jam-packed WCW roster of 1999. That's not all.

You'll learn how The APA really came to be, what friendly hobby was actually banned in WWE before it started generating cash, who turned down a berth in male cheerleading team The Spirit Squad, why Edge knew he had to keep a straight face during one funny botch and how 1980s WWF will influence All Elite Wrestling.

Bring it on...


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