10 WWE Classics That Never Should Have Worked

Nice surprises from Cena, Shane-O-Mac and Santino...


There's nothing quite like great - really great - pro wrestling taking fans by surprise.

A WWE functioning at its peak knows how to book, promote and deliver an elite level of the artform, even if it routinely chooses not to bother. An exquisite presentation at such a level requires many moving pieces to sync up of course, but the occasionally beautiful marriage of performer and performance tends to create a dragon for addicted fans to chase for the rest of their lives after one first intoxicating hit.

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior perfected a particular type of encounter in their transcendent WrestleMania VI main event. It rather tragically represented the end of WWE's first golden era domestically, but for a world still new to the World Wrestling Federation, the two cartoonish goliaths encapsulated precisely what Vince McMahon wanted from his dream sequence Superstars.

A snarky "...and then the bell rang" line would ordinarily follow that sort of set-up, but Hogan/Warrior was no joke. The match, against the odds, was so much greater than the sum of its parts that it enhanced the powerful auras of both to massive new audiences. Those that departed the wrestling bandwagon internationally did so because WWE couldn't keep pumping out Hogans and Warriors.

Those that stayed remembered the hit and were still desperate for more. To this day, WWE continue to supply the fix, even if they don't always intend to...

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