10 WWE Divas With The Best Boob Jobs

10. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix, at the top of the list, quite probably has the largest amount of C.C.s of any of the ten you'll see within. If you read last month's article, you'll know I made a large point about proportion, i.e. the size of the breast compared to the rest of the body. A lot of the people who featured on the €œWorst€ list are those who got massively oversized implants that ended up dwarfing the rest of their torso. With Beth, however, being in such phenomenal shape as she was (and still is), such a drastic size increase only served to offset her already large frame and in a good way. It's a fairly common practice amongst female body builders to go under the knife, as their increased lean body mass and decreased body fat leads to the loss of breast tissue. Again, proportion is the key. A good breast implant is one that looks big compared to the body but not so big it could hardly be natural. Beth's a big girl, meaning bigger implants were fine.

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