10 WWE Stars Who Have Had The Worst 2018

From WWE Champ to delusional meditating jobber...

Finn Balor Bayley

There are some top stars with oodles of talent who, for whatever reason (whether it be their own shortcomings or the countless hours of TV creative have to get through), have had a 2018 to forget.

For some, this followed a hot 2017, and it's simply unacceptable that their talents have been wasted by poor writing just because there's so much product to create. One has to feel slightly sorry for the creative team's workload, yes, but that's no excuse for some of the crap that's been thrown together last-minute so WWE can justify Raw's three-hour run time.

Of course, it's not all rotten scripting that's to blame for some on the roster having a dreadful 12 months. Injuries have played a part too, and they've got in the way of potential storylines, shorn months off careers and, in one case, ended an in-ring career completely.

It'd take a brave person to predict that anyone here will have a better 2019. There's no sign of that happening...

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