10 WWE Stories Everybody Got Wrong In 2017

Facts adjusted for entertainment purposes.


Fake news. It's a phrase in vogue since it was popularised during Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the result of which quite fittingly caused widespread disbelief. But where did the ever-incredulous POTUS pick up such a term? According to Donald himself, he didn't just invent the concept, but the very word 'fake' itself. That in itself is 'fake news' as we know better: he got it from wrestling.

The business we all know and love is built on mendacity. Watch wrestling long enough, and you enter a permanent state of mistrust. In a world where everything is fake, nothing is real, and wrestling fans are used to seeing through the wool constantly pulled before their eyes. As a consequence of his repeat appearances in the square-circle, Trump seemingly acquired that second-sense for bullsh*t also.

It's not infallible though; after all, the business is a dab hand at the lying game. Even the president's self-proclaimed highly-attuned nonsense detector would have been fooled by a handful of bogus wrestling stories emerging this past year. But hey, this is the post-truth era (if not quite the post-R-truth era).

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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