10 WWE Superstars That Turned Heel/Face The Most

The Good, The Bad & The Big Show


This will not be a list full of statistics and data shouldering the burden of cast-iron proof. Heel and babyface turns are frustratingly subjective as it is in 2018 without going back and trying to identify every single character shift week to week.

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most loathsome characters (yes...characters) in WWE history, yet turns herself from one segment to the next depending on the task at hand. Within one edition of Raw, she's been known to castrate main eventers, take credit for all of women's wrestling and promote a company's marketing/philanthropic (don't delete as appropriate, she didn't) exploits.

She's not the only one.

Kayfabe's death also put a bullet in lots of the things performers used to do to protect their characters. The four men that chewed up the main event scenery - and much of the run-time - at Super Show-Down were so precious about their gimmicks 20 years ago that they didn't even join the rest of the roster underneath the TitanTron when tribute was paid to Brian Pillman after his October 1997 passing. These days the whole crew are summoned to the stage for the opening of a f*cking envelope if said receptacle contains a massive cheque from a car company that somehow relates to kids with cancer.

Just two months removed from the 'Loose Cannon's death, Vince McMahon infamously decreed that wrestling wasn't about "good guys" and "bad guys". He was right, but it'd sometimes have been nicer if he wasn't...


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