11 Shocking WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions

11. Lita - Live Sex Celebration

We start with one of the most famous WWE exposures ever, the night Lita's breast came out live on WWE Raw. It was all part of Edge's 'live sex celebration', which was held the night after he defeated John Cena for his first ever WWE championship win. This segment should have been simply done as both Edge and Lita under the covers implying sex. Quite why Lita actually had to get naked for this is a bit of a mystery, which has led to some suggestions that WWE actually did the nudity spot on purpose for some publicity. Either that or Lita just wanted to tease Edge for real under the covers. Whatever the situation was, we all got a good eyeful of her boob when the cover slipped, making this one of the most talked about segments in WWE history.
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