11 Things About Foxcatcher That The Film Covered Up

The true story behind the Hollywood film.

(Spoilers from the start and throughout) Foxcatcher has opened in cinemas to a rapture of critical acclaim. The story is centred around John DuPont and his eccentric involvement in funding Olympic wrestlers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz. Despite this being a true story, with several historically accurate scenes, the director Bennet Miller and his team have taken several liberties with the truth. The story, written by E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman, is very much a work of fiction that incorporates aspects of the real John du Pont / Dave Schultz controversy. Despite problems with the story, it is still very much a satisfying film. Critics have praised the acting performances of Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. It's an emotionally engrossing film that will please fans who enjoy highbrow movies. From a more sports orientated point of view, this film is also very satisfying. The wrestling scenes are very realistic and get over the intensity of the athletic combat. This film deserves to be recognised as one of the top efforts in the sport film genre. However, it does fail to get over the actual intensity of a wrestling training camp. The physical intensity and training schedules of Olympic wrestlers are full day sessions that pose gruelling challenges. Sitting around drinking whiskey isn't really an option, especially with the careful nutrition that wrestlers observe. But before we get into Foxcatcher's inaccuracies, a quick note on what was accurate. John du Pont really did shoot Dave Schultz to death, and that scene was exactly how it happened. It was a terrible incident that was largely unexplained beyond John du Pont simply losing his mind - although the judge didn't rule that du Pont was insane. Instead, du Pont was sentenced for third degree murder and ruled mentally ill. He lived the rest of his life in a mental home and was refused parole in 2009. He died a year later and was buried in his Foxcatcher wrestling singlet. Foxcatcher is an engrossing and tragic story, a narrative that demands further investigation into the true circumstances.
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