11 Things About Foxcatcher That The Film Covered Up

10. John Du Pont's Mother Was Already Dead When He Started Foxcatcher

In Foxcatcher, we feel some sympathy for John du Pont when we see him desperate for his mother's approval. At one point, Mrs du Pont is wheeled into the Foxcacther facility to see John training the wrestlers. It's a sad scene, as John attempts to train a wrestler in a basic armbar. The wrestler allows John to show this basic move as if it some sort of helfpful technical insight. John looks over to his mother the whole time, hoping to see a sense of being impressed. However, she looks on with scorn, before being wheeled back out. In reality, this never happened. In fact, Mrs du Pont was dead before John ever started Foxcatcher. She died in 1988 and only then did John act to redevelop the 440-acre Liseter Hall Farm in Newtown Square as an elite level wrestling facility. He called this new camp "Foxcatcher" after his father's old racing stable.
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