16 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (13 Nov)

You're from Winnipeg, you idiot!


Following on from Full Gear's charming mix of epic storytelling (Cody vs. Jericho), great tag action (The Bucks vs. Proud N' Powerful) and grisly violence (Moxley vs. Omega) was always going to be tough for AEW. If smart-assed promos veering towards comedy and hidden gems are your bag though, then Dynamite succeeded in a big way.

It was more full of the latter than MJF's character was of himself this week.

The first post-pay-per-view TV show of the Dynamite era saw Kenny Omega sh*tting all over his own match, Jim Ross mentally teleporting back to the old WWE days, shapeshifting wrestling fans, PAC doing Hangman Page's spots better than him, Chris Jericho botching and almost ruining a key segment, and much, much more.

The WWE throwbacks didn't end with JR either. Jericho himself harked back to a classic internet favourite, Santana said something you'll probably never hear on Vince McMahon's programming and Marko Stunt went old-school 'Stone Cold' against the Dark Order boys.

Here's every little gem, nuance and thing you might've missed from the latest episode of All Elite's weekly...


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