18 Biggest Wrestling Stories Of 2017

Headliner headliners.


It was always a point of some amazement that the amount of news happening each day was just enough to perfectly fit the morning's newspapers. Since the emergence of the internet - and with it, its infinite column inches - the quantity of newsworthy stories has ballooned to almost unspeakable proportions. Barely an hour goes by without that 'BREAKING' ticker getting an outing, trailing the latest idiotic comment by your Foreign Secretary/President of choice, or the death of a psychic octopus.

Wrestling's had an ankle lock on the internet news mill for some time, squeezing out stories on a daily basis since the early days of the Pro Wrestling Torch and WON online. From the outset of the web's ubiquity, there was probably no community as active - or content hungry - as the IWC. They've been well fed.

Like every other year, 2017 has seen a constant stream of squared circle scoops. Between all the comings, goings, injuries and suspensions, not to mention the odd ill-advised Twitter post, the last twelve-months have been crammed with news tighter than a 60-man battle royal.

Not all of it has been important. We probably didn't need to know about Natalya celebrating National Cat Day, or that Scott Steiner has apparently bested one of Ric Flair's scrutiny-defying records (no, not the world title one). Some stories, though, got the whole wrestling world talking - and with good reason. Whether it was a legend retiring or one returning, these headlines had trending written all over them.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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