18 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (15 Nov)

Alakazam, Space Jam, Rocky, Crown Drool and FOX hating on the USA Network...

An elephant never forgets, and neither does that red-shirted memory box Bray Wyatt.

The brand new Universal Champion debuted a snazzy, on-brand and blue-coloured version of the belt on this week's SmackDown before setting up a showdown with old Wyatt Family "partner" Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series. This kind of lore-dipping fun (which stretches all the way back to 2013) is welcome amidst other, less exciting angles like Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT.

Hidden gems on this week's show include WWE having some early production troubles as SmackDown went live, 'King' Corbin nearly taking a Bobby Heenan-esque tumble, Corey Graves mentioning old movie favourites from the 1990s, Michael Cole heeling it up on Philly, fans throwing some trash into the ring as a match was in progress and much, much more.

Look out for FOX lazily advertising the competition, The Miz mispronouncing WWE's latest jaunt to Saudi Arabia, kids in the crowd who have superior taste, and Wyatt's own little magical rhymes too.

Here's everything you might've missed from the latest FOX-y blue brand weekly, one that was 10x better than last week's effort...


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