19 Rare Photos Of Stephanie McMahon That WWE Don’t Want You To See

From wardrobe malfunctions to chilling at the pool.

A Vince Stephanie Triple Pool Stephanie McMahon is a sensation. Whether it is as a television character or a corporate businesswoman, she absolutely kicks a**. The 38 year old is currently serving as Chief Brand Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment. She's certainly qualified for the role, as she's been around the WWE product all of her life. Her father, Vince McMahon, always allowed Stephanie around the business which he was successfully making into a "sports entertainment" monopoly. She learned from the best in Vince, and later married wrestler Triple H in 2003. The three of them, Vince, Stephanie and Hunter, are now considered the power behind WWE. She's only considered a minority owner, but is fully expected to be the heiress of Vince's legacy. In addition to business skill, she has proven to be a talented actress. As the evil boss on Monday Night Raw in 2014, she's gave some of the best acting performances in the entire pro wrestling circus. Fans love to boo her and she's a great sport about playing up to her persona. But there's a lot of things that Stephanie and WWE want to hide from the fans. There's been wardrobe malfunctions and unsightly photos that WWE would rather stay hidden. This feature will look at some of those rare photos, mixing them in with elusive family shots of the Billion Dollar Princess. To start, take a look at the poolside photo above, Steph with her husband Triple H - plus her Dad Vince in the background.
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