20 Wrestler Facts You Won't Believe

Pet peeves, unusual pasts, and guilty pleasures...

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There are some facts about wrestlers we all know.

Nia Jax is related to The Rock, The Undertaker also answers to the name of Mark, and Stone Cold Steve Austin very nearly became Chilly McFreeze.

Nevertheless, there are some things we'll never know about some of our favourite stars until they decide to share it with the world. Thankfully, Ryan Satin (the guy behind Pro Wrestling Sheet) reached out to wrestlers on Twitter a few days ago to reveal some home truths...

Hundreds responded with info we would NEVER have discovered had they not felt the need to bare all to the internet. Twitter even made a 'Moment' out of it due to its popularity.

I developed such a morbid fascination with all this new information that I decided to share it with the world by collating the best revelations into this gallery.

Which former champion in WWE was born with an extra finger on their hand? Which hardcore legend has been described as "the songbird of his generation"? What's the weirdest thing Virgil ever ate for lunch?!

Check out our gallery of 20 Wrestler Facts You Won't Believe and find out...


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