21 Rare AJ Lee Photos You Need To See

The best images of Mrs Punk that you've never seen.

Currently recovering from a neck injury, there's been much conjecture amongst wrestling fans about whether or not AJ Lee will elect to come back at all. Much of this stems from the Diva's marriage to former WWE star, Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks, and it's fair to say that hubby isn't really in the good books with the promotion at the moment. Nonetheless, it must be pointed out that AJ is her own woman, and has her own dreams. Speaking of which, the fierce female has managed to achieve many of those dreams - infamously captured in her teens gushing with tears as she met her idol, Lita, AJ has since become an icon to young women herself. Strong vocal performances, and a real proclivity to do anything it takes to improve her in-ring skills saw AJ quickly sky rocket up the ladder in the WWE's female division. The company typically don't give women much to do, other than feature in brief matches and generally act as eye candy for the cameras, but Lee has managed to break free from the mundane, becoming one of the most exciting women on the roster in the process. Behind the camera, she certainly seems comfortable, and these rare photographs often show a different side to the female millions of fans are used to seeing each week on television.

21. About To Head Through The Curtain


Keeping an eye on the monitors, both AJ Lee and Paige find time to stop for a posed photo together, right before they head on through the curtain and onto the set of Monday Night Raw.

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