21 Rare Eva Marie Images You Need To See

The Total Divas star sure likes that camera...

Eva Marie Maxim
Eva Marie is one WWE Diva who hasn't really featured all that much as a female who wrestles on television. Instead, the Californian Diva seems far more comfortable during company photoshoots, or taking part in the reality TV show, Total Divas. Up to this point, wrestling fans who don't watch the show won't really have been able to see the personality Marie possesses - Total Divas exists on a weird plane in WWE's product. Rarely do things crossover from the show onto Raw or Smackdown, which begs the question why it's even there to begin with. A lot of fans will really recognise Eva Marie as the WWE Diva who regularly takes selfies, and it's fair to say the woman is more than aware of her good looks. Bursting onto the WWE scene in 2013, it's almost surprising that the promotion haven't really tried to push her more inside the ring. Eva Marie is definitely a classic example of what WWE look for most in their Divas, looks. Wrestling acumen is very much secondary in the world of 'Sports Entertainment'. As this collection of rare, candid and personal photos show, Eva is no stranger to a camera, and the lens sure seems to like her just as much as she likes it.

21. Three's A Crowd

Eva Marie Maxim

Posing with the legendary Mick Foley and current WWE star Sheamus, Eva Marie looks pretty happy in between the pair.

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