25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (April 21st)

Punk's return, Bad golf, real Vikings and Braun's Indy mark potshot...


With the Superstar Shakeup still hanging heavy in the air and everyone still scratching their heads as much as appreciating the good parts, we're in the usual post-WrestleMania period of transition. The company has once more been rocked by more superstars apparently wanting out (though one "departure" turned out not to be one), others are bedding into new promotions and whole new gimmicks and stables have been unveiled.

Naturally, contract statuses will continue to be a big talking point, what with AEW standing just off in gorilla position watching intently and while Ronda Rousey clearly has other things on her mind, she's apparently set to return at some point. Then there's The Undertaker who has apparently signed a new deal and talk of Shinsuke Nakamura following suit.

Injuries to Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are also big news, particularly the latter and of course Dean Ambrose continues to be leaving the company as slowly as possible. It's all change.

Even with transition as the word of the day, the superstars are always dependable with their social media habits and they turned out in force once more to peel the curtain back.

Oh and CM Punk is back. This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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