25 Sexy WWE Diva Images You Need To See Before You Die

Lingerie and bikinis have never looked better.

Sex appeal is an important part of the WWE's theatrics. Even now in the PG Era, Vince McMahon is still marketing his women based on looks. It isn't a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with a woman using her looks to further her brand. In the history of pro wrestling, the purpose is to draw fans in and attract viewers. It's a simple formula - WWE's target male demographic of 18 to 35 are more likely to be engaged if there's a hot beauty in front of their eyes. That's the reason why women like Sable proved so important in the Attitude Era. She had much of the same job aim as Stone Cold Steve Austin, to get viewers in and keep them coming back. Austin achieved that aim with violence, Sable achieved it with sex appeal. When you understand that these women were so important to WWE's success, you'll understand better why it was never sexist to have them in bikinis or lingerie. Far from it - those sexy situations actually empowered the divas - some of the women ended up millionaires. Here we look at 25 of the hottest diva images you simply need to see. There'll be plenty of classic divas and of course the current girls. We start with our cover image above, 25 - the stunning Stacy Keibler admiring her lingerie in a mirror that shows both her front and back. Click next for the full sexiness of these special ladies.
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