29 Rare WWE Lana Photos You Need To See

"SHAT...TAP"... And look at these snaps.

The WWE's men have Paul Heyman while the women have Lana. The Ravishing Russian has become one of, if not the leading Diva in the WWE. This is despite the fact we've never seen her lace up a pair of wrestling boots. In many ways, Lana has taken the place of the ever controversial Vickie Guerrero on WWE TV in terms of being a female figure with the objective to get major heat from the WWE Universe. As good as Vicky was, Lana is threatening to be in a league of her own. Of course, her persona as the Russian matriarch is an easy one to hate. But her promo work since making her on screen debut in January 2014 has been nothing short of stellar. So much so that you don't hear too many people complaining of Rusev's lack of mic time. Roman Reigns won't be happy about this and must be praying he gets paired with a Lana of his own in the not to distant future. Lana has been in the realms of popular culture for longer than you might have thought. Her name was well established in the modelling, singing and acting sectors before WWE signed her to a developmental contract in June 2013. Here are 29 images of Lana that you need to see...
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