"Unknown Insurgent" Coming To WWE NXT

Something big, green, and weird is coming at TakeOver 31...


An "unknown insurgent" made their way onto last night's WWE NXT show, hyping an appearance at the upcoming TakeOver 31 event.

The vignette was shot in night vision. Speaking through some kind of voice-changing technology, the insurgent, who appears to be a returning wrestler, said the following while a low air-raid siren played in the background:-

"I'm not sure what happened. I helped create something out of my own blood. Years and years of dedication, only to be taken over by paper champions. These NXT championships have been in isolation for far too long. Now, I've come back to take what is mine."


Whoever the returnee is then threw what looked like a pipe through a glass case containing an NXT championship belt. The date 10.04.2020 flashed up on the screen, which is when TakeOver 31 goes down.

There's currently no word on who this might refer to, though that the video seemingly hinted at a former NXT title-holder of some sort narrows the options down somewhat. There are also similarities between this and how RETRIBUTION has been presented on Raw, though this wasn't as in your face, with the aesthetic a little more restrained.

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