"We're Ready To Go": WWE Executive VP Relays Vince McMahon's Plans To Bring Back Fans

WWE aims to return to a new normal ASAP.


Amid daily record-breaking positive results in several American states, Executive Vice President John Brody, in an interview with the SportsPro podcast, claims that WWE is "ready to go" ahead with shows in which fans are in attendance - provided, of course, those "in charge" of arenas can safely reopen.

The EVP of global head of sales and partnerships had the following to say:

"Yeah look, first of all, if people will open arenas safely, we’re ready. Our Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has said we’re ready to go and entertain and put smiles on people’s faces so we look forward to the next step in the transition."

Safety is an amorphous and heavily politicised concept now, one that is hardly definitive - at best - and is arrived at in a murky war between economic players, governments and the science community the world over. There can be no true safety until a vaccine is found, or various track and trace measures miraculously contain the spread.


How much of a concern it truly is to WWE cannot be stated with any real certainty, though to briefly editorialise, the handling of safety protocol within the company itself isn't a reassuring omen - nor are reports that Vince McMahon believes the health crisis is "all that bad". Still, as a publicly traded company, surely the wellbeing of the public will be considered earlier and more cautiously than staff and talent.

The full podcast be can be heard here.

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