5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (May 18)

All Or Nothing

Twitter.com/@ALL_IN_2018 / sescoops.com

Twitter's a blessing and a curse in times of pro wrestling tumult.

With shows, shocks and scandals seemingly around every corner in 2018, the business' new 'boom' period is so often bolstered or blown apart by the instant reactions of the social media commentariat. The good, bad and ugly below the line on this very site often offers everything from insight to indignation, but even with only 280 characters to play with, Twitter still houses a bottom half of the internet as derisory as every scathing comments section.

Fortunately, it's the best of times, as well as the worst.

Serial 'On This Day' poster @allan_cheapshot will furnish folk with clips of every kind of wrestling imaginable interspersed with hilariously futile efforts to get Big Daddy into Dave Meltzer's Hall Of Fame. Chris Charlton (@reasonjp) and Showbuckle (@ShowbuckleVids) are vital puroresu gateways from outside of New Japan's walls whilst current commentator - and comfortably the best in the entire industry at that - Kevin Kelly (@realKevinKelly) is as equally useful from the inside. Outstanding threads by @MithGifs have split some of the most outstanding plots in all of pro wrestling into 10-second visual chapters, breaking only to lip-read Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hilariously analysing Roman Reigns' TitanTron video.

Debate literally raged this week on two separate Chicago shows. One sold out in minutes (29 of them, to be exact), but the other might fall woefully short, despite the shoehorned inclusion of one of the year's brightest new stars...


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