50 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time

From AJ Lee to Sable and Trish Stratus, these are the all-time hottest WWE Divas.

Hundreds of Divas has passed through the WWE, and choosing just 50 of the most beautiful is no easy feat. That's what you will find here though, as this list compiles the hottest WWE Divas who have performed in the squared circle over the past twenty years or so. Some were just valets or even backstage personalities, while the rest have varying degrees of skills in the ring. Either way, they're all drop dead gorgeous, and should bring back a lot of great memories regardless of how old you were when you started watching WWE. Things have obviously changed a lot over the years. The PG Era means that the days of Bra and Panties Matches are a thing of the past, with the focus more on in ring ability rather than raunchy antics and sexual storylines. That doesn't mean that the WWE doesn't still take full advantage of focusing on how beautiful their roster of Divas are of course! So, as Vince McMahon and company look to finally give their female performers the chance to shine that they deserve with the #GiveDivasAChance fan movement, now seems like the perfect time to look back on the hottest WWE Divas of the past and present.

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