6 Ups And 4 Downs From Last Night's NXT (25 Mar)

Brocial Distancing.

Ciampa HHH Gargano

Hey, who remembers going outside?!

Not me! I've been stuck in my ivory tower (sorely missing my high horse) for two weeks today and what memories I do have of skipping through open fields and joyously drinking water from a babbling brook are now too faint to fully recall. I do remember wrestling, however, as last week's mini-doc marathon gave way to in-ring action on NXT again.

With two further qualifying matches for the Women's Championship Number 1 Contender Ladder match and an advertised appearance from none other than Papa Hunter himself, there was definitely a potential return-to-form on the cards. But with so much else going on and an empty arena to contend with there was equally every chance this revival fell flat.

There was star-power, there were some surprises, but did NXT have enough this week to drag the show back into the hearts and minds of the hundreds of thousands who deserted last week? Well, we won't know until the ratings drop but, in there here and now, let's look at how it all went down.

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