7 Major Mistakes WWE Has Made With Brock Lesnar

7. Lack Of Title Defenses


Since winning the WWE Universal Championship 14 months ago, Brock Lesnar has defended it five times. It’s likely he won’t defend it again before SummerSlam, which means he will have defended it six times in 16 months, or once every 84 days.

That’s an horrendous ratio, even if you discount the old “champion must defend his title every 30 days” rule. Even defending the title at every other PPV would have yielded a higher return. Quite simply, if your top title isn’t on TV being defended, how can it be the top prize? It’s not that no one can obtain it – it’s that no one can get a shot at it.

Brock hasn’t been so much a dominant champ as a guy who has eked out his reign with minimal defenses and long periods of inactivity. He’s more of a groundhog, popping his head up every once in a great while, than a Beast.

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