7 Ups And 0 Downs From WWE NXT (29 July)


With TakeOver XXX: The Return of Xander Cage now less than a month away, NXT finds itself in an interesting position. Any feuds starting up now likely need to lead to a major match at their showpiece event but, conversely, a month's a long old time not to spring any surprises on us.

In Your House was great, but knowing the card from early May made the build a bit of a drag, y'know?

While this is obviously a petty gripe, the week-on-week excitement of the ladder match qualifiers is definitely worth getting out of bed for. Plus, while we know it's likely to be Kross vs Lee, the blood-boiling mega beef they have means that the journey should be just as good TV as the destination.

We've no idea who'll challenge for the women's championship yet (Kai please) and if someone could stick pictures of the tag team champions on a few cartons of milk that would be greatly appreciated. In short, we head into another week of NXT with both adventures to be had and revelations to be... revealed. Yes, that'll do.

Join us now as we decide what didn't suck. Allez!!

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