7 Ways WWE Can Save Seth Rollins

7. Back To Basics


Seth Rollins' 2019 Royal Rumble victory and subsequent headline tenure wasn't borne out of an imagined popularity or false run of form beforehand.

He wasn't necessarily to everybody's taste, but for those who liked or admired him, he was the one. There was a time in early 2018 where he could have 'The Man' had his future beau Becky Lynch not snapped it up later that year. Going long when it was required (and a bit more on that later) and shoring up the midcard ranks in both singles and tag battles, Rollins was at very least the steadiest of hands. It's an aesthetic that feels lightyears removed from what he's managed on top.

There's never been any less shame in being a midcarder in WWE - the tiers are too fluid to establish a genuine industry-defining time on top of the company unless you're absolutely 100% the man chosen to shoulder that. Seth, though he'd have hoped otherwise, was never in that spot. Enjoying life in the background for the first time in his career thus far could do so much for a character that's lost so much as a supposed "winner".


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