7 Wrestlers Discovered In The Most Unusual Of Places

From playing basketball to playing André The Giant's son...


What do basketball players, gym receptionists, shoe-shoppers, CrossFit queens, policemen, plus-sized and fashion models have in common? Well, aside from the final two obviously sharing the same aspirations, they all eventually found their way into the pro wrestling biz.

It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: wrestling is pretty darn weird.

Unusual might be a better word to use though, especially when taking a gander at the backstories of some WWE stars past and present. Every single wrestler on this list ended up involved in the industry through some bizarre circumstances. They were stumbled upon, recommended and pulled from some really strange places.

Often, their stories are soaked in humour (unintentional or otherwise). In this very article, you'll read about the people who spotted them, learn how wide a net WWE casts to grab talent and find out why, amidst a recruitment drive that raided the indy scene, some wrestlers got their start by going shopping.

Being honest, he probably fell over in the store and slid his merry way towards the old FCW training facility in Orlando...


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