7 Wrestlers Discovered In The Most Unusual Of Places

7. Titus O'Neil (An Unplanned Social Call)

Titus O'Neil.

Is there a more well-meaning bloke in wrestling today? The bumbling former NXT star has charmed his way to a decade-long run in WWE despite never really having designs on starting one. O'Neil, bless his heart, just wanted to do some dress shoe shopping in 2009 instead, and figured Orlando's shopping malls were the best place to start.

That's when he remembered something his pal Batista had told him about WWE's FCW training facility just down the road. One quick phone conversation later and Titus was popping his head round the door to say hello. A few weeks later, the guy was a new recruit and learning to bump in WWE rings.

To recap, O'Neil went shopping for shoes, thought about his friend's recommendation to maybe give wrestling a try, took some time out from shopping to introduce himself and ended up becoming an internet meme for sliding down the aisle in Saudi Arabia.


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