8 Big Lessons WWE Must Learn From 2018

8. Fans Won't Buy Vision 2030...


...so don't try and sell it.

Crown Jewel was surely the murkiest McMahon Family sh*tshow of all time, knocking Greatest Royal Rumble into second. As a wrestling show it was a foul-smelling turd swirling in the toilet bowl that is WWE's relationship with Saudi Arabia, and that's before the mountain of crap the company swerved just to even book it.

And if you think three references to excrement is a bit heavy-handed for one paragraph, it's nothing compared to the amount of bullsh*t the company were required to spew during April's maiden offering. The rhetoric and visual aids were so dated Michael Cole and others may as well have been selling Saga holidays rather than championing a mythical brighter future, but that's not why WWE are there, and everybody knows it.

Vince McMahon could drown in a pool of cash outside his Connecticut country pile...but he fancied a second pool. That's why there'll be nine more years, and that's why there'll be no retrospective look at all the "changes" when he gets his product the f*ck out of there in 2028.


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