8 Ups & 2 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Sept 18)


2. Misfiring Comedy

This column is typically kind to The New Day and their goofy comedy, but this week's attempts didn't land.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions came out to talk about retaining their belts at Hell In A Cell, and moving on to face The Bar at Super Show-Down. Because said Network special is being held in Australia, the trio were clad in bad Steve Irwin costumes, spoke in lame accents, and generally dolloped a huge bucket of cringe all over SmackDown. Big E literally said "crikey, mate!". It was dogsh*t.

The truest words spoken throughout the entire segment came from Cesaro, who criticised the trio for running through recycled, unfunny jokes. As one of the most subjective acts on the entire show, The New Day's shenanigans aren't going to hit the mark every week, and they were just plain tedious last night.


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