8 Ups & 3 Downs From IMPACT Wrestling (8 April)


3. Eye Stuff

The match between Jake Something and Matt Cardona was fine, as we’ll touch upon later in the article, as was the aftermath, but there’s a minor Down we have to address fully here. Why is Brian Myers obsessed with eyes?

He targeted Jake’s eye here, you see, knocking him into the corner of the steel steps eye first, bringing back dreary memories of Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio’s never-ending eye-based rivalry from last summer. It wasn’t good then, and it won’t be good now.

They’ll face off in a Hardcore Blindfold Match at tomorrow’s IMPACT Plus special. While it would be a great match any other day of the week, the added stipulation may hold it back just a smidge.

Myers himself has worn an eyepatch ever since being inadvertently poked in the eye by Fallah Bahh a few months ago. Read that again; a few months ago. Your writer is all for wrestlers milking the tiniest thing and making a gimmick out of it, but this is dire. Just let Brian Myers do good things.


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