9 HUGE WWE Contract Expiry Dates Revealed

How much longer will Miz, Owens & co. be around for?

The Miz

The saga surrounding Daniel Bryan's WWE contract reached a predictable conclusion a few weeks ago, with the former SmackDown General Manager ending months of speculation by finally tying his future to the company.

Bryan's previous deal expired on 1 September, and although he'd teased leaving several times during his stint as an authority figure, odds of him re-signing improved immeasurably after his in-ring return. WWE stood by him while he was hurt, offer an unparalleled global platform and financial security, a safer house working style (though this is mitigated by the road schedule), and Daniel's wife works there. For now, those indie dream matches with the likes of Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada will have to wait.

Though WWE typically do a good job of keeping their employees' contractual situations under wraps, they do occasionally slip into the general fandom's sphere of public knowledge every now and then. Still, we don't often hear how long a Superstar has on their contract until it's either on the verge of expiring, or after they've just inked a new deal.

Let's give thanks to Fightful.com, then, for compiling a handy list of all known contract expiration dates, many of which come to an end sooner than you might think...


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