9 Ups & 3 Downs From Last Night's WWE Backstage (Feb 11)


WWE Backstage

Atypically for 2020, this week's WWE Backstage took place in the shadow of a Monday Night Raw that left many fans utterly bewildered at the sight of a star they'd been waiting a long time for. Fitting perhaps, then, that CM Punk was back in studio to lend his insights to the various goings on as the company moves towards WrestleMania with glacial force.

Shayna Baszler's vampiric assault on Becky Lynch kicked off the build to a WrestleMania Raw Women's Championship match that could easily better last year's main event for the very same prize, though how the story started threw just about everybody off. A mixed reaction greeted 'The Queen Of Spades' gnawing a chunk out of Becky's back as well as 'The Man's Grand Theft Auto ambulance mission, as well as the latest beats in the Charlotte Flair/Rhea Ripley story ahead of their match perhaps being confirmed next week.

'The Queen' was here to comment on that and other recent notables this week, along with the rest of an extremely in-form panel...

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