9 Ups And 0 Downs From Last Night's NXT (27 May)

The Disturbing Tooth...

Riddle Thatcher

The wrestling train never stops and, lo, neither do we. Essential service NXT chuntered on apace this week and, with the entire world just seeming to be a bit 'over' this whole worldwide health problem thingy, who doesn't want a bit pro-wrestling to drown out another week of chilling statistics.

And for those chasing a return to the old normal, rather than the new one we've had for the past 3 months, NXT even made the call to reintroduce crowds to the performance centre. Not your average punter though, but contracted talent who would otherwise just be following global advice of staying at home. AEW have, in fairness, gotten a few people over big with this gimmick, so it'll be interesting to see if NXT can follow suit.

So what's in store this week? Well, the sort-of final for one of the Cruiserweight brackets looked like being a good time, and there was the added mystery of Charlotte recruiting a Mystery Partner to tag against Ripley and Shirai. All that, and a cagefight between Riddle and Thatcher that promised to bring this 100mph feud crashing straight into a steel wall.

Oh, and Kurt Angle's here! For some reason!

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