9 Wrestling Moves That Could Legit Kill You

7. Shattered Dreams


The crux of this one, gentlemen, is whether one can literally die from being kicked in the balls.

Well, better gird them loins, fellas, because it turns out that you absolutely can. This cheeky little number in a medical journal from 1843 all-too-briefly describes the German practice of violently squeezing the testicles until the man falls to the ground in convulsions and dies.

Since then there have been various reports of a sudden death due to trauma to the knackers. It is thought that these are largely due to something called a vasovagal response, in which the brain overreacts to trauma in the vagus nerve (the same nerve that causes the feeling in your stomach when you get hit in the balls) and shuts up shop.

Basically, getting kicked in the balls can hurt so much that you pass out, possibly experiencing convulsions, coma, brain damage and even death.

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