AEW Dynamite Facing Big Delay Tonight?

How will this impact AEW's week two ratings?

AEW Dynamite Delayed

All Elite Wrestling Dynamite got off to a strong start last week, delivering a well-received show to a rabid live crowd and surprisingly large televised viewership, with the show smoking WWE NXT in the first round of the new Wednesday Night War.

Unfortunately, week two might not be so smooth for AEW.

As pointed out by, this week's Dynamite is set to air after a couple of potentially huge baseball games. A couple of game fives in Major League Baseball's National League Playoff series are set to go down and last night saw a game than ran over moved to TNT, thus holding up the rest of the broadcast schedule. There's a very real chance this could happen again tonight if one of the games goes longer than anticipated.

It's hard to tell how this might impact the Wednesday Night War. Loyalists would likely wait around in the event of a delay, though it's easy to see anyone on the fence switching over to NXT on USA Network instead, thus harming Dynamite's overall viewership. On a similar note, perhaps Dynamite's delayed finish would boost their second-hour numbers.

We'll find out soon.

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