AEW Stars Shoot On Controversial Finish To WWE Hell In A Cell 2019

Top stars weaponise WWE's failure in time of war.

The Fiend

"Congratulations to WWE on successfully botching the main event of Hell In A Cell," AEW said in a statement. "The real winner's of last night's fiasco are us, and we can now expect an easier ride, as the race to entirely ruin Bray Wyatt's career, for a second time, is a marathon, not a sprint."

AEW released no such statement, obviously, but Matt Jackson and Chris Jericho also indulged in a spot of mockery at WWE's expense.

In an enterprising move, in a barely-coded and immaculately timed spot of promotion, Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks reminded viewers that "We’ll be back Wednesday for a new episode of Dynamite on TNT" virtually seconds after Hell In A Cell faded to black in a wave of fury. Led by fans furious at the inconclusive finish, and what they perceived as another lack of conviction in a full-time star, one asked AEW World Champion Chris Jericho to provide his thoughts on the finish on behalf of a "few million friends".

Jericho responded with a "mind blown" emoji, which, looking at the fallout on social media, accurately captures the sentiment.

People are increasingly put out by the snipes aimed by AEW at WWE, but by his standards, Jericho was quite reserved.

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