AEW's Cody Rhodes Responds To WWE's 'Great American Bash' Revival

How does Cody feel about the next two weeks of NXT?

NXT Great American Bash

AEW's Cody Rhodes has brushed off WWE's decision to bring back the 'Great American Bash' name for NXT.

As previously reported, WWE's third brand will be themed around the old NWA/WCW series for the next two weeks. That's something fans on Twitter were eager to get Cody's thoughts on - his father, Dusty, was the one who invented the concept back in the mid-1980s.

Dusty's daughter posted on social media that WWE should send some money her mother's way for even thinking about using the idea. That's when Cody responded.


He laughed off one fan's agreement that WWE needed to pay some cash into the Rhodes' family account. Cody said the event means a great deal to him, but he doesn't own the copyright on it and doesn't begrudge WWE's use of it in 2020.

Then, ever the pro, he turned his attention back to AEW and smartly said, "My focus has to be on our show and talent. Making it fun, making it violent, making it memorable".


What a worker.

NXT: Great American Bash runs head-to-head against AEW's Fyter Fest episodes that will replace the next two weeks of Dynamite.

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