AEW's Dustin Rhodes Recalls Ribbing The Undertaker In WWE

'Taker wasn't laughing...


Imagine the fear Dustin Rhodes was feeling after ribbing The Undertaker in 1996.

He'd been put up to the prank by a giggling Bruce Prichard, but told ITR he knew 'Taker wouldn't be happy afterwards. On a '96 episode of Raw, shortly before the pair were set to clash in a 'Casket' bout at the ill-fated In Your House: Beware Of Dog pay-per-view, Goldust grabbed his peer's testicles and licked his lips.

The Undertaker was laying flat on his back preparing to rise up in signature 'Deadman' fashion. As he readied for the referee's signal that the mid-match commercial break had ended and Raw was back on air though, 'Taker felt Goldust slither over his body and Prichard's rib began.


Backstage after the segment, 'Taker was livid. Dustin remembers hearing him cuss, throw furniture about and demand answers. That's when Bruce revealed that he was actually the one behind the rib, and said it was just a little joke.

Eventually, 'Taker calmed and even managed to share a laugh with Goldust and Prichard about how angry he'd been.


Dustin hid in a nearby cupboard until the worst was over.

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