Backstage News On WWE's Randy Orton Plans

A high profile feud is on the cards for The Viper.

Randy Orton

Off the back of his greatest match of all time... sorry... 'Greatest Match of All Time' with Edge, Randy Orton is apparently being positioned for another top line Monday Night Raw feud.

According to WrestleTalk, the Viper is on course to meet WWE Champion Drew McIntyre this summer, with the pair slated for a SummerSlam match.

These rumours follow previous talk that Orton was set to collide with an NXT call-up in the shape of Adam Cole or Tomasso Ciampa. The main roster's lack of top draw heels has, seemingly, put him in this emergency contender role instead.


With Cole dropping his NXT Championship to Keith Lee this past week, it's looking increasingly likely the Undisputed Era leader will depart Full Sail sooner rather than later - meaning a programme with Orton may still be on the cards for the autumn.

But for a torn triceps, the master of the RKO was expected to meet Edge for a third time at SummerSlam. The two met in a nine hundred hour long WrestleMania snoozefest, and once more last month at Backlash's aforementioned so-called best match ever.

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