Chris Jericho Claims AEW Is "At War" With WWE

The WWE veteran makes bold claim ahead of Double Or Nothing.

Chris Jericho AEW

As comfortably the biggest mainstream wrestling name to sign with the promotion so far, Chris Jericho is sure to play a big role in All Elite Wrestling's imminent launch. He'll face Kenny Omega at 25 May's Double Or Nothing event, and with their NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 rematch looming, the 48-year-old has opened up in a new interview with TV Insider.

Jericho's most interesting comments relate to competing with WWE. When asked about the topic, 'Y2J' replied: "this is a war. Even if you don't want it to be, it just is."

He adds that WWE haven't faced national competition for "20 years or more," and that while this is something that Vince McMahon's promotion "didn't really want," he believes it is "great for the fans and great for the [wrestlers.]"

Jericho then went full gimmick, stating that "everyone in WWE owes Chris Jericho a thank you, because the moment I signed with AEW, it became legit."

While his comments on competition are strong, it's hard to argue with them. AEW's emergence has already changed the way WWE do business. They may not run WWE into the ground, or even go head-to-head in a ratings war, but AEW are making an impact.

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