Chris Jericho Didn't Know Who THIS AEW Wrestler Was Before Signing

"I had never heard his name, maybe read his name but it didn't really register."


Chris Jericho has revealed that he didn't know who Eddie Kingston was until the long-time independent wrestling standout showed up on AEW Dynamite.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Saturday Night Special series on YouTube, the 'Demo God' stated that while he thinks it is great that AEW has signed Kingston and he's "very excited for him," he had "never heard his name" before Eddie faced Cody on 22 July, adding that if he'd heard of him in the past, it didn't register.

Jericho went on, stating that Jericho assumed Cody was facing Impact Wrestling's Eddie Edwards when he told him his opponent. 'Le Champion' then put the 'Mad King' over, praising his "super intense" promo and match style, saying Kingston "has that vibe of being a tough guy which is rare. If you see a guy wrestling back in the day, everybody was like that."


Kingston's promo and match as part of Cody's TNT Championship open challenge series went down so well it had fans campaigning for AEW to sign the veteran in the aftermath. This became a reality over the weekend, with the promotion announcing Eddie's deal via Twitter.

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