Chris Jericho Says WWE "Insulted" AEW's Paul Wight And Sting

WWE disrespected Paul Wight and Sting, according to AEW man Chris Jericho.

Paul Wight Tony Schiavone

Chris Jericho believes that WWE "insulted" both Paul Wight and Sting during their latest runs with the company.

The AEW star told Digital Spy that neither man was "treated with too much respect over the last few years". He didn't go into specific details, but Jericho apparently wasn't a fan of Sting's bouts with Triple H and Seth Rollins in 2015, or Big Show's most recent work in the 'other' promotion.

Now, the former multi-time World Champ thinks that iconic pair can enjoy the spoils of their hard work in All Elite. Jericho also said that WWE have become "notorious" for "making jokes" out of industry legends. He even chucked himself into that bracket before name-dropping others like Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts and Dustin Rhodes.


Jericho wasn't messing about here.

He described Wight as a "WWE tentpole" and "one of the foundations of the company", and doesn't understand why Vince McMahon refused to use him more regularly.


In fairness, most WWE fans probably agreed that Show's best days were behind him. It'll be interesting to see just how much juice AEW can squeeze from the giant going forwards. Jericho is hopeful.

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