Chris Jericho Shoots On WWE's "Problem" With Creating New Stars

WWE have a major problem in 2022 that AEW doesn't, says Chris Jericho.

Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho says WWE "really have a problem" when it comes to building fresh stars from the ground up.

The AEW man told Freddie Prinze Jr's 'Wrestling With Freddie' podcast that Tony Khan's promotion doesn't share the same issue. In fact, he thinks that All Elite has done a bang up job of creating new stars since forming back in 2019.

Jungle Boy, MJF, Darby Allin and Britt Baker were just some of the examples Jericho gave as evidence.


The veteran did say that he wasn't out to necessarily "bash" WWE, but that it amazes him to see Vince McMahon have so much trouble creating new characters who connect with the audience. He also reckons that AEW's ability to mould fresh young hopefuls into something special has helped the company secure lucrative deals with investors that otherwise might've been impossible.

WWE's track record when it comes to building sustainable characters who have a smooth trajectory from midcard to main events has become spotty over the years. To Jericho, this is something McMahon must fix ASAP.


It's really hard to argue against that point.

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