CM Punk Shoots On Hulk Hogan: "F*ck Him!"

"I've met him. I like him even less now" and other notes on WWE from the 'Voice Of The Voiceless'

Rabid CM Punk
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WWE Backstage personality and former Superstar CM Punk had no kind words for Hulk Hogan during a recent appearance on Windy City Live's 2 Minute Warning.

'The Voice Of The Voiceless' may not have loaned his takes to this week's FS1 sister show, but he had plenty to add to the Chicago-based short, much to the pleasure and surprise of host Ryan Chiaverini.

'The Hulkster came up during discussion of prior legends, with Punk noting that "I wasn't a Hogan guy. I've met him. I like him even less now". As the host jokingly suggested that Punk was "crushing his childhood dreams", the former WWE Champion retorted with the humorously curt "f*ck him!

Asked about other old favourites and former opponents, Punk noted that his favourite wrestler was "Roddy Piper. Hands down", whilst also discussing his WWE feud with The Rock and his recent horror film Girl On The Third Floor.

Punk didn't speak in any detail about his recent return, though reports suggest he'll be back with more of the above alongside Renee Young and co for next week's edition of the show.

(The Windy City Live 2 Minute Warning interview can be seen in full here)

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